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Catholic Vocations for Men and Women In Print and Online
A Guide to Religious Ministries is the only comprehensive directory of Catholic men's and women's communities in the United States. The Guide explains the nature of a religious vocation, the steps involved in entering the religious life and a description of the ministries engaged in by priests, brothers, sisters and lay people. Listings are provided for diocesan vocation offices, religious communities active in the United States, lay ministry organizations, secular institutes, associate societies, and retreat centers.

Copies of the book are distributed to diocesan vocation offices, campus ministers, parish youth ministers, college career centers, Catholic high schools, military chaplains, retreat centers and other locations where vocation information can be utilized.

All communities are listed free of charge. Paid profiles are available for communities that wish to provide more information about their ministry. Advertisers in the printed guide are featured as sponsors on this web site. Click here to learn more about our advertising options.

Copies are available to religious free of charge. Others may purchase a copy directly by sending $10 to:

A Guide to Religious Ministries
606 Halstead Avenue
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

For further information, please contact:
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